Load Bearing Creative offers a different kind of creative production experience, for a subset of business with unique and exacting B2B sales and marketing needs: technology providers and industrial manufacturers.

We call it common sense creative. Founded on successful technical communication strengths and over a decade of specialized experience in telecommunications, industrial manufacturing and high technology, at Load Bearing Creative we build strong business-to-business marketing tools designed to sell real value, to customers in need of real performance.

"Load Bearing Creative writes case studies for my company as well as market analysis, sales tools, email promos, etc. They understand our industry (telecom & data), and are very personable. What I like most about LBC is how reliable they are and how they consistently deliver top quality work. When I give them an assignment, I don't ever worry about whether it will be done in time. I know I'll get exactly what I asked for, on or before the deadline." - K.H., VP of Marketing
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